Vinod Gupta, The Relentless Entrepreneur

February 18, 2022 0 Comments

In 1971, Vinod Gupta was employed by the Commodore Corporation and was immediately tasked with conducting market research for the mobile home manufacturing company. He took it upon himself to order every available book with credible information needed by the company.

His boss did not find Gupta’s approach of going through all the available phone books to be effective and, as such, ordered him to conduct only outside office hours. Upon completion, he presented the book to his employer and offered, but they declined. This prompted him to mail the book to other mobile home manufacturers who saw value in it and paid him. Within the first year, he was able to amass $18000 in profit, enabling him to move from his garage and build his own company.

It took Gupta more than three decades to transform his firm into a multinational publicly listed corporation with sales in excess of $750 million by adapting it to the fast technical breakthroughs that characterized the information age. To better devote his attention to his humanitarian endeavors, he stepped down as CEO and chairman of the board of the business in 2008. He founded two new companies: investment firm Everest Group and software as a service provider Infofree.

Affiliation with Everest

Since 2008, Vinod Gupta has served as a General Partner at Everest Capital Partners, Inc., bringing decades of business expertise and insight to the private equity, venture capital, and management consulting company he co-founded with his family in 1987. Vinod Gupta may purchase minority stakes in firms or acquire them entirely through Everest Equity. Vinod Gupta and Everest Ventures have aided the growth of start-up companies by providing cash, essential connections, and managerial knowledge. Everest Consulting advises Vinod Gupta on strategy and manages various commercial transactions, including initial public offerings, mergers, and acquisitions.