Stephen Bittel has Achieved a Lot of Good Things

September 5, 2022 0 Comments

Stephen Bittel, the CEO, TerraNovaCorp and Chairman of one of the most influential and prominent business people in South Florida, announced the signing of a new lease that will bring more arts and culture-oriented businesses to the area. Here we shall disclose all the details and learn the plans of TerraNovaCorp to bring more good things to the site.

  1. About Terranova Corporation

Terranova Corporation leading commercial real estate firm has announced it has signed a new lease with Lumas Art Miami, a respected art gallery based in the south of France. This latest news is part of their plan to bring more arts and culture-oriented businesses to the area.

Terranova Corporation has been actively working on some critical projects in Miami Beach that will help update and improve the area. Their plans include new infrastructure and malls, bringing new retail and more opportunities for local business owners. TerraNovaCorp has also been working very hard to upgrade the area’s existing businesses to make them more attractive to shoppers.

  1. Terranova Corporation has a plan to bring new businesses to Lincoln Road

Stephen Bittel made it his goal to bring more culture and activities to the area, and today he has announced another new lease agreement created to achieve this goal. Stephen Bittel said, “The arts and culture business is essential for our community, so we are glad to have an opportunity to work with Lumas Gallery, which is ready to introduce a nice piece of Europe right here on Lincoln Road.

  1. Achievements

Stephen Bittel has achieved a lot of good things so far. TerraNovaCorp has developed the Lincoln Road Plaza, a significant project. They have been putting a lot of effort into improving the area’s existing businesses, including upgrading and updating some existing malls like The Shops at Sunset Place, with new infrastructures like indoor parking and new cool places to work or shop.

Terranova Corporation will continue to help improve the area’s existing infrastructure and business environment. They aim to bring more culture-oriented businesses to Miami, bringing more opportunities to local business owners.