Sameday Health Rolls Out Flu and Strep Testing in California

August 31, 2022 0 Comments

Sameday Health Offering Strep and Flu Testing

Sameday Health, a leading healthcare provider in 13 states, recently launched its strep and flu testing. The testing will be going on in Long Beach, Venice and Los Feliz, California. As per CDC reports, millions of Americans are affected by strep throat and flu. As a result, Sameday Health thought it’s best to add strep and flu testing to their services.

Why Getting Tested is Important

The strep and flu testing has begun, and those who test will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Convenient treatment – if you test positive for either strep or flu, you’ll get immediate treatment from the medical professionals within the facility.
  • Prescription to relieve symptoms – the medical practitioners will prescribe some OTC medications to relieve some flu symptoms such as inflammation and sneezing.
  • Minimize the spread of disease – another reason people should get tested is that through this, they’ll avoid spreading the disease to other people. If positive for any of the illnesses, you’ll get treated, suppressing the bacteria, which lowers the chances of the infection spreading from person to person.
  • Avoid complications of the infections – if left untreated for long, strep throat can complicate into severe conditions such as otitis media (ear infection), rheumatic fever, meningitis and pneumonia.
  • Contribute to ongoing research – scientists are still researching the two infections, so getting tested and treated will contribute to the research process.
  • Testing for Strep and Flu at Sameday Health

To get tested for strep or flu, clients must visit the facility’s website to schedule an appointment and pick a location. For urgent testing, there are same-day appointments available at the three locations. Some of the symptoms warrant testing, including a sore throat that develops rapidly, pain when swallowing, fever, inflamed tonsils or tiny red spots on the upper part of the mouth.

Other services offered at the medical centers include:

  • Covid-19 testing
  • IV drip therapy
  • Wellness injections
  • Virtual quality care and therapy to urgent care issues
  • Panel testing

Sameday Health is located in thirteen states, with over forty locations. It’s a patient-focused center that seeks to deliver transformative medical care. With specialists in different treatments, clients can get care delivered conveniently at home or within one of the facilities.