Ryan Kavanaugh Talks About Social Media

March 14, 2022 0 Comments

Laws are the foundation of every society. Without laws, stronger men with power and wealth may take advantage of the weak in society. This applies to business, laws keep the market in check and balanced. It limits the clever who take advantage of loopholes to reap profits where they did not work for. The business world has evolved in the creation of ways where simple innovations can make an entrepreneur gain lots of money. However, the innovations are faced with challenges of people like hackers and pirates who take advantage of the accessibility and lack of inefficient laws to feed off others’ ideas. This is the case that affected Triller Company and Ryan Kavanaugh after the production of the Paul-Asken Fight. In a rightly balanced business world, if some laws could have been affected, some actions could have been avoided. These are some of the laws that should have been enacted in accordance with this case.

Laws against Cyberbullying

Ryan Kavanaugh was part of the production team. This made him a target of trolling by Ethan Klein’s followers. Ryan Kavanaugh was a victim of cyberbullying as his social media accounts were attacked, and his online information was tampered with. Laws should be instituted that prevent such behaviors as a change of Wikipedia information and the use of SEO engines to alter one’s reputation. Ethan Klein went to the extent of creating fraud articles with the aim of getting back at Ryan for the suit that he was charged with. The suit was necessary as he did not comply by issuing Triller the amount which he illegally acquired.

Change of Copyright Laws on YouTube and Consideration of Content

Ethan Klein used the leverage given by the inadequacy of laws on YouTube that prevent from posting pirated content. He was also able to earn from the match, which the payment was not counteracted even after the video was posted. Such accounts should be suspended since they endanger the lives of those they rally against. This made him sue Ethan with the intent of at least recovering the damage and stopping others who may do the same.

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