Robert Kraft Looks Forward To Seeing The USA Hosting The 2026 World Cup

December 16, 2021 0 Comments

Robert Kraft’s Gillette Stadium bid came after John Henry, the owner of the Boston Red Sox, announced that Fenway Park would host games if the local bid was approved. The tournament in the Northeast – not only New England but New York, upstate New York, and New Jersey – would be a boon to the region.

Foxboro Stadium is already surrounded by properties belonging to Kraft and the Kraft family and Robert’s other sports franchises, including the Patriots, the New England Revolution, and the New England Lacrosse Club.

Aside from football, the complex is being used for football, lacrosse, field hockey, soccer, and rugby. The Patriots opened the facility as their original home in 2002 and moved to Gillette Stadium in 2002. Robert Kraft also made an $18.6 million contribution to the U.S. Soccer Foundation, which, in turn, provided $750,000 to the New England Revolution Foundation.

It’s just one piece of Kraft’s attempt to strengthen the soccer-related public and private partnerships that drive growth in New England. The Krafts recently announced a $50 million funding commitment to help fund New England’s professional sports teams, which is expected to be the largest private entity in the region’s history.

“When we were trying to buy the Patriots, it’s one of the things I told myself – why don’t we find the owner of the Pats to raise the money and pay the taxes?” Robert Kraft said. “We had to build a stadium to play in – so that [Kraft’s investment in the Patriots] is what kind of paid for the stadium.” No budget has been set publicly for the renovations, but they are expected to cost millions of dollars.

Gillette Stadium will not need to make major additions to its facilities, and the games will likely go to Foxboro, which is the closest to downtown Boston, Massachussetts. “This bid was done through the planning process,” Robert Kraft said. “It’s up to the F.A. now. I don’t want to continue to speculate.” Once they are approved, the public will have an opportunity to have input, which Robert Kraft hopes will set an example for future renovations to the Patriots’ home. Click here for more information.


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