Recent Updates from SeaWorld Theme Parks

June 19, 2021 0 Comments

In light of recent developments in other theme parks, the SeaWorld Orlando theme park has announced its revision of safety requirements at the park concerning the COVID-19. Shortly after Disney World and Universal Parks notified the public that vaccinated guests are not required to wear a face mask, SeaWorld Orlando seems to have followed up. This new directive does not apply to all SeaWorld parks; however, only the Orlando and San Antonio parks can admit guests without masks.

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Despite the announcement, all SeaWorld staff members will still wear face masks, and therefore the directive only applies to completely vaccinated guests. There will be no monitoring or requests for proof of vaccination; hence the non-vaccinated are still required to wear masks. This new policy shift comes from recent guidelines issued by the Centers for Disease Control about the vaccination process. The open layout of the theme park, with most of the attractions being outdoors instead of indoor venues, also helps with the new directive.

These changes will help boost the number of guests expected especially considering that SeaWorld is bringing back their annual Electric Ocean event. They are planning to maximize guest attendance with the summer approaching by extending park hours. The lineup of events and activities is full of food, fireworks, dance music, and new additions to the ensemble. Electric Ocean is an all-family affair with different shows for all age groups to enjoy.

While the Electric Ocean is an all-around fun fare, there will still be presentations on the importance of supporting animal care and rescue with a guest appearance from animal ambassadors. The food includes custom-made burgers, ice cream parlors with lots of different flavors, grilled foods, and tasty cocktails from the bar in the evening. Kids being the main attraction, will get to be entertained by their favorite cartoon character in the Nautilus Theater.

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