Miki Agrawal is Using Influencer Marketing to Supplement Her Marketing Strategies

September 22, 2021 0 Comments

The role of influencer marketing in startup organizations seems to have been gaining some momentum in the last few years. Every other startup business is working hard to have some influencers who will be helping in its industrial operations. Miki Agrawal has been one of the new startup owners who is already relying on influencer marketing in her business operations. Here are some of the major benefits that she has been gaining through this initiative. Miki Agrawal is interested in creating interest in the products that she is currently introducing in the market. Pulling people away from the products they have been using has never been an easier undertaking. That is why some of the news organizations have been struggling to get enough customers. In fact, without some of the most appropriate marketing strategies, most of the startup businesses have not been getting enough customers in their industrial operations.

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According to Miki Agrawal, influencer marketing helps in building some of the initial interests in the products that an organization is offering. It is worth indicating that influencers have established followers. Some of the influencers have millions of followers who are likely to try the products they are using. Therefore, when an influencer starts using the new product, there is a higher chance that more than 10% of the followers will be interested in such products.

Miki Agrawal continues to highlight that influencer marketing is a strategy that cannot be used to market products in isolation. It needs to be combined with other traditional and modern marketing techniques for it to deliver the desired results. In essence, influencer marketing is an approach that companies have been using to supplement some of the marketing techniques they have been using in the mark. It can quickly help in bringing out the best results from content marketing and other traditional marketing approaches.

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