Meet Tim Murawski: Augmediccs President and Chief Commercial Officer

October 11, 2021 0 Comments

Tim Murawski is passionate about robotics. The technologies, such as robotic surgery, that he uses play an important role in his everyday work. In fact, the team at Augmedics uses medical robots such as NeuroRobotics Percutaneous Robotic System and surgical robots like Intuitive Surgical’s da Vinci Surgical System. Led by Tim Murawski, Augmedics is very focused on achieving optimal outcomes. The company’s market research indicates that robotic surgery will be in demand due to demand for minimally invasive surgical techniques in surgical practices.


Also due to advances in medical technologies, such as image-guided surgery. Prior to Augmedics medical research company, successful Tim Murawski managed Mednax for two years. Mednax is a major healthcare provider in the United States. Augmedics is a biotech startup that focuses on the study of human surgical outcomes (Medium). 


Up to now, the Augmedics medical research company is doing research to develop non-intrusive surgical and medical devices for use in different medical procedures. For instance, currently, the Augmedics company is successfully developing a non-intrusive stent technology to manage certain abnormal growths in patients. According to Tim Murawski, the medical device company’s CTO, John Duthie, is one of the co-founders and the company’s other co-CEO. He was the former VP and GM of the surgical robot C-Arm system at Intuitive Surgical (NASDAQ:ISRG). Tim Murawski has over two decades of experience as an entrepreneur, CEO, and leading sales.


He has led marketing teams for some of the largest medical technology and service companies. Led by Tim Murawski, Augmedics, as a medical robotics company, focuses more on using robotics as a tool, rather than necessarily thinking that it is the primary solution for everything. For example, when discussing the use of robotic arms in laparoscopic surgery, the successful businessman states that, “we don’t think that only robotic arms are capable of reaching that location that a surgeon is trying to reach” and that the use of robotic arms should be considered to be a complement to, rather than a replacement of, human laparoscopic expertise.