Mark Hauser Contributions in Healthcare Investment

March 4, 2022 0 Comments

The need to have good healthcare is increasing across the globe, having vast investment opportunities, including making healthcare digital and aiding wellness. Recent research indicates that worldwide healthcare expenditure might reach over $ 10 trillion by the end of 2022.

Mark Hauser is among those interested in investing in healthcare. He is a co-directing colleague at Hauser Private Equity (HPE), a composite that co-invests in middle-market partnerships to grow its valuation. Mark Hauser is strategic when it comes to investments. He conducts broad diligence for every decision, which has led HPE to obtain productive returns on investment over the years.

Hauser Private Equity is excellent investment-targeting healthcare, including stat health, an emergency care provider that provides management services to the emergency care centers. As a result, the emergency medicine board provides non-programmed treatment alternatives for minor injuries and common illnesses. Its investments have boosted the improvement of Stat Health for more than five years.

Cincinnati Eye Institute is another critical investment of HPE. It offers eyeglasses, optical lenses, and optic health products and has played a crucial role in its growth. Cincinnati Eye Institute has completed many surgical procedures utilizing fantastic management and innovative services every year. Hauser Private Equity has also invested in Injured Workers Pharmacy and Doctors Best, which produces healthy supplements. On the other hand, Injured Workers Pharmacy offers home services to injured people.

Mark Hauser recognizes that every opportunity becomes successful with the aid of investment partners. Hauser Private Equity has mutual partnerships with Frontenac, EDG Partners, Prairie Capital, Wellspring Capital Management, and many others. Mark keeps a close eye for growth opportunities in healthcare and always ensures that HPE has a good collaboration with its partners.