Is buying Portugal property a good investment? Experts Weigh in

August 31, 2022 0 Comments

Portugal has a significant geographical advantage because of its massive water surroundings. There are several sea cliffs on its coastline and several beaches bordered by olive trees, rice fields, and pastoral countryside. Portugal’s climate is mostly sunny, so activities such as boating, surfing, and hiking can take place all year.

When Portugal’s property prices are compared with other European countries, it offers affordable costs. The country’s transport system access all the cities and coastal towns. Real estate experts such as Luis Horta e Costa acknowledges that the smaller municipalities aren’t much strict.

Mr. Costa is a founding partner at Square View, an asset manager and real estate property establisher based in Lisbon. He recommends Cascais as a better section for investment, a 36-minute drive from the heart of Lisbon. His other favorite investment town is Melides which lies in the southern region of Alentejo. Melides is characterized by lagoons, vast beaches, and unspoiled nature.

Melides is about 130 km from Lisbon. It is a calm and silent section of the countryside with the sea breeze that emanates from the sea. Melides can be compared to Long Island Hamptons before it was developed. Luis Horta e Costa says his family is building in Melides. He believes it is a perfect choice for anyone looking for a wellness and meditation center to set up their investment.

Santiago do CacĂ©m is also Costa’s perfect choice. He says there’s everything in this section of Portugal to suit everyone’s needs. This charming town is located 150 km from Lisbon. Luis says this town is the favorite of water lovers who like sailing, kayaking, windsurfing, and canoeing.

The Silver Coast is also an attractive place. It has proximity to Portuguese cities such as Coimbra, Porto, and Lisbon. Several real estate options are available in Portugal. One can quickly adapt to this country due to the affordable commodity prices and the love of architecture and ancient history.