How Jason Hughes Successfully Led Hughes Marino for Years

October 11, 2021 0 Comments

Jason Hughes has made Hughes Marino very successful globally. However, he did not start his career as the company CEO. Hughes first sought employment in a Los Angeles firm before moving to San Diego. He worked as an employee at Wakefield and Cushman for some time until he decided to start a company that could help him offer better services to his clients. Jason Hughes works with his wife on day-to-day operations, which helps them achieve great success in the industry. 

Hughes Marino has continued to expand as the number of clients increase. The company offers quality services in many states, which has enabled them to attract more clients. Jason Hughes is very passionate about tenant rights. That is why he develops different laws such as the Dual Agency Disclosure Bill that ensure that their rights are not violated when signing agreements. Jason Hughes once drafted a law to help get a better understanding of sale-leaseback agreements. The law has been very beneficial, and it has completely changed how people handle deals. 

During the time Hughes has been in the industry, he has gained a lot of experience in lease negotiations. That makes him one of the best negotiators even in complex deals that might be challenging for some experts in the industry. Jason Hughes has handled many transactions more than company owners that have been in the lease restructuring industry for decades. Jason Hughes is a qualified professional and holds degrees from different universities. He also has other qualifications from various institutions he attended after graduation. That makes him one of the most qualified professionals in the industry, a role model for many people in San Diego and globally.