Greg Blatt Venture

February 22, 2022 0 Comments

Entrepreneurship requires a mindset that can turn an opportunity into cash making event. For Greg Blatt, this first, being in the technology sector, he harnessed different options presented to him to make a living for himself. His career has been filled with various twists starting as a bartender and venturing out into other areas that have presented themselves. He is currently the head of an online popular dating site that has been a success.

Greg Blatt realized the importance of education throughout his career journey. Along with his journey, he learned over time to trust his gut despite the various setbacks. As time went by, Greg Blatt initially had a complete disregard for the corporate sector but realized he would be interested in the corporate industry. While studying for his law degree, he performed odd jobs that kept him surviving in school.

Looking for a practical way to practice his law degree he chose to work for different firms that ensured he got an experience working in various firms. He worked with some of the biggest media brands, and through his expertise, he was awarded a top position.

Greg’s portfolio is impressive as he has a decade worth of progressive experience in the holding company IAC. He was also the CEO of both and Tinder.

Greg Blatt saw an opportunity in the online dating industry. The industry has not been explored to its full potential. His intuition has played along with his career and made him a worthy personality o date. One attribute that has made him an affluent personality is his trait of curiosity. Greg’s questioning nature spurs up a debate that makes ideas to be born. He has earned over time his team has the right team in place. The unit can bring ideas into life coupled with the right leadership.

One of the trends he is most excited about over time is the technology and video calling. The trend is catching up and enhancing communication. One constant factor that stands out in him is the aspect of questioning each opportunity that presents itself. Visit this page for more information.


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