Greg Blatt: How Telluride Triumphed In An Era Of Disruption

December 24, 2021 0 Comments

Greg Blatt, CEO of the Mountain Resort Company, has been credited with turning Telluride Ski Resort into a world-class destination. By taking advantage of opportunities at home and abroad, he has managed to maintain Telluride’s original charm while also adapting it for modern times. The result is an economically viable ski resort that can compete in an era of disruption.

Before Telluride, Greg Blatt had been interested in the hotel business from a young age. In college he began working at hotels and resorts in what was to become his eventual career path. After earning a law degree from Cornell University, he worked for several hospitality companies before being appointed CEO of IMI Hotels. Under his guidance, IMI became one of the world’s largest hotel management companies.

In 2006, Blatt was approached by the Mountain Resort Company to become CEO of Telluride Ski Resort. At the time, Telluride was in a difficult financial situation and needed a leader who could turn it around. Blatt accepted the challenge and wasted no time in getting to work.

Greg Blatt began by analyzing the resort’s strengths and weaknesses. He then looked for ways to improve its marketing and operations. One of his biggest successes was expanding the resort’s reach beyond North America. Today, Telluride is a popular destination for skiers from all over the world.

Blatt has also been a strong proponent of the Four Corners Model, which provides several methods of transportation to help people get around. This has helped reduce traffic and parking issues, and also allows Telluride to broaden its appeal beyond motorists (who account for about half of visitors).

Since 2006, Blatt has been responsible for bringing major events like the World Cup Finals and the Enduro World Series to Telluride. His work has also helped attract new hotels and resorts to the region. As a result, Telluride is now more popular than ever before, and much of it can be attributed to Blatt’s efforts. Click here to learn more.


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