Greek American Alex Pissios Highlight on GreekCityTimes

May 1, 2022 0 Comments

 Alex Pissios and his uncle opened Cinespace Film Studios — making it their mission to change the independent filmmaking industry. After seeing the movie industry’s reliance on Los Angeles, Alex Pissios and his business partner Nick Mirkopoulos saw an opportunity to open their production studio in Chicago — building a modern studio complex focusing on changing the industry Nick’s parents had migrated to the city from Greece. With Nick having arrived, the family initially started as electricians later on. But when they saw the opportunity to convert some of their old industrial buildings into film studios, they pounced on it—cinespace Film Studios in Chicago: the world’s largest independent movie studio outside Hollywood. Before founding Cinespace Film Studios in Toronto, Nick was an electrician. He repurposed old commercial and industrial buildings with his brothers into film studios. Nick Mirkopoulos is a true visionary, and his success with his film studio speaks for itself. He got started when he realized that the empty warehouses and buildings around Toronto were free for the taking, and he began buying them up. His family’s film business grew in the late 1960s. Good family connections can lead to big opportunities: Alex Morton and Nick Mirkopoulos struck up a conversation at their relative’s wedding which ultimately changed the nature of their relationship. Nick paid off Alex’s debt, and the two struck up a partnership, launching Cinespace; Alex and Nick agreed on a partnership that would change both of their lives — they decided to open a film studio in the city. As the country’s leading film hub, Cinespace has been a force behind Chicago’s emergence as one of North America’s top production locations. Its state-of-the-art studios have hosted dozens of globally renowned films and television series that have contributed billions to the local economy. Cinespace Chicago provides a home to both seasoned filmmakers and enthusiastic creatives.