Financing Your Home Solar Project with PosiGen

April 21, 2022 0 Comments

PosiGen’s core mission is to close low-income families’ clean energy affordability gap. This means providing lower-cost utility bills and environmental benefits through rooftop solar panels, energy efficiency upgrades, and energy education. 


How PosiGen provides clean energy to LMI households 

With over 17,000 customers and 50% of these being in communities of color, PosiGen has the potential to scale rapidly. In addition, PosiGen provides a suite of services. These include energy education and financial literacy training for LMI homeowners interested in solar power. These services create an opportunity for individuals who are not yet ready for solar panels on their roofs but want to learn how to get involved in clean energy solutions. 


Why do LMI households need renewable energy technologies? 

The average LMI household spends 29% of its annual income on utilities. With the average bill for electricity, water, and waste services costing $1,674 per year, a homeowner can easily spend half of their annual income just on utility bills. 


This is why PosiGen provides a solution that lowers the total cost of ownership and allows homeowners to save money while also protecting the environment. PosiGen’s unique business model serves LMI households that can’t otherwise afford renewable energy technologies like solar or energy efficiency upgrades (Apnnews). 


PosiGen’s business model for affordability 

By providing affordable renewable energy, they help close the clean energy affordability gap–leaving LMI households with more money in their pocket and a cleaner planet in return. PosiGen’s business model is centered around a low-cost rooftop solar panel lease. Leasing allows homeowners to install a solar system and maintain it while providing an affordable monthly payment option. This model offers LMI households the opportunity to save over 20% on their annual energy spend.