Betsy DeVos Knows How To Build Ties

September 23, 2021 0 Comments

Building ties is crucial when it comes to the world of business. People who can work with others are those who are likely to see their goals come to life. They’re also likely to have happy people around who are pleased to be part of their work. That is something that Betsy DeVos has been very comfortable doing in her life and her career. She likes being able to work closely with others who know as much as she does about the inner workings of the educational system. This is what she’s done many times in her life. Her work has been in part about building coalitions of all kinds. That means being able to help others understand her point of view. It also means being able to explain to others what she stands for when it comes to the world of educational policy in the United States right now.


Building Long Term Ties


Of all the many kinds ties, ties that last over time are very important. These kinds of long term relationships are very much what Betsy DeVos has been able to get done in her life and her career. She’s been able to create a groundswell of demand for changes that can impact the lives of children all over the United States. In doing so, she’s been able to create a world of brand new opportunities for so many students. Her work has been about opening doors all over the country. This means showing what it means to work with others to accomplish a common goal. It also means showing how long term changes of all kinds can and will pay off in the end with improved student morale and better test scores. That is what Betsy DeVos has been able to do so well.