Alejandro Betancourt Lopez Spearheading Hawkers Through Success

December 3, 2021 0 Comments

Alejandro Betancourt had served different companies before his entry at Hawkers. Four friends started Hawkers after inspiration from a US-based company. After running the company successfully, they thought of the best changes to incorporate to cement its ground through an experienced leader. Hawkers have recaptured its customers through the production of Sunglasses. Additionally, the company also has other products, including contact lenses, among others. His experience in the industry helped him to focus on building the company. Through his strategic tactics, he dwelt on social media. He impressively put the company on different social media accounts, spreading its products. with time, most clients ordered the products. They were always updated if there were any new products from the company and more

Further, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez also focused on brand ambassadors. The company put a lot of emphasis on marketing its products. They targeted the millennials in colleges. The use of celebrities was also one of the ways that helped eyewear make huge sales in the industry. Besides the selling, Hawkers has put its investments in the quality production of sunglasses. It has created products highly can stand tall in the competitive industry. The price is also favorable, especially due to the focus on its customers. He also pursued innovation in making the company great. He has gained admiration by focusing the products on environmentally friendly materials. He has also partnered with other institutions to make a change in the community. The company has continued to help the community in different projects, among others.

Further, the Hawkers president has remarkably engaged other partnerships which influence the success of the brand. The company has been recognized among the best sellers of sunglasses Globally. Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is an entrepreneur who also founded the O, Hara Administration. He specialized in Business Administration from Suffolk University.