Background Information on Don Manifold

June 23, 2022 0 Comments

The ability to lead an effective meeting that would bring about actualization of business strategies is very important. Meetings on mergers and acquisitions require due diligence in knowing the precise requirements. Hiring a team to take through the process will improve business transactions better than doing them without experts.

Manifold Advisory Partners is one of those teams that will upscale such business transactions swiftly. They are located in Adelaide city in South Australia. Its founder and CEO is Don Manifold who is an expert accountant and specialist who is well acquainted with areas dealing with mergers, divestments and acquisitions. Below is a detailed account of Don’s work and his company.

Don Advisory Partners

The company functions as a provider of practical and reliable counselling services for private businesses. The advice is mainly achieved by Manifold either attending regular board meetings or also chairing them and assisting in building and actual execution of strategy.

Based in Adelaide, the company is well equipped in assisting in the development of mergers and purchasing other companies or assets. Don Manifold has a record of completion of more than 30 acquisitions, capital rising and divestments worth over 1 billion dollars. This includes leading the South Australian offices of EY for some time and recently Manifold led the divestment transaction of S. Kidman and Co Limited in 2016.

Background Information on Don Manifold

Don Manifold is an international expert in matters relating to divestments and mergers. He is also an expert reports and valuations compiler. He has built his skills in advisory for more than 10 years and worked with large executive service firms globally.

His experience comes from working in numerous industries such as agriculture, information technology and financial services. Don worked initially in Sydney and Melbourne before returning to Adelaide to focus on the management of Manifold Advisory Partners. His expert experience has enabled the company to achieve international success and ranking. Go Here for related Information.