Alex Pissios Recap

July 19, 2022 0 Comments

His father is a highly dedicated Special Education Teacher. Initially, Pissios wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps. After graduating from Chicago Public Schools, Pissios went to Northeastern Illinois University, majoring in Special Education and Secondary Education with a Minor in Elementary Education.

John Mirkopolous, Pissios’ uncle, knew how important family was to him. So he proposed an offer that more than doubled Pissios’ teaching pay. At first, Pissios balked because it seemed too risky. However, after thinking about his future, he realized he couldn’t pass up the opportunity. He gave in.

Alex Pissios worked hard in the fur trade industry until he changed gears. He realized that to move forward with his career goals, and he needed to get out of the trade business and focus on other areas. He left the industry and instead focused on a different career path. He started working in property management, but something wasn’t right. He couldn’t shake the feeling that something was missing. That’s when he decided to branch out into investing. Since then, he’s invested in several properties across the country. However, the market continued to decline, and eventually, he struggled to keep up with mortgage payments while trying to provide for his family.

Alex Pissios started a production company in his hometown of Toronto, Canada. While the success was great, he knew there were many people in Toronto not getting the opportunity to produce films as he did. So he created Cinespace Studios to provide this opportunity to other people. Being a big believer in helping others, he ensured his studio would also help the local communities around it.

Alex Pissios isn’t ready to discuss the next step in his career. He wants to remain humble and work on projects that make a difference. Despite getting praise from others for his accomplishments, the young man still believes it’s never about him. He hopes to continue helping his fellow artists by producing quality shows that entertain audiences around the globe. He also wants to keep making films that inspire people to give back and help those in need.